All digital images are supplied as JPG files.
Original sized images are the largest pixel size available.


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There are three categories of licence for images used on this website:
  • - Personal Use (Extended Licence)
  • - Editorial Use
  • - Commercial Use (Royalty Free)


Personal Use (Extended Licence)

To be used by an individual for their own personal use i.e. printing and framing, use on a personal blog or social networking page. Images must not be publishing in a local, regional, national or international publication either in print or online. Images must not be resold or distributed to third parties either free or for a fee.

Editorial Use

For use by local, regional and national media either in print or online. Media organisations are requested to inform Unlimited Photography of distribution type and time period.

Commercial Use (Royalty Free)

These images generally do not feature images of people so that they can be used online and in print as required.


  • - Royalty Free
  • - Extended Licence (also called Rights Managed)

For Royalty Free images, you get nearly unlimited use. You can use the image in virtually any application, for as long as you like, in as many different projects as you like, as long as you comply with the terms of the license agreement. The image is available to use from when you purchase a license. Following payment of the license fee, no additional royalty payments are owed.

With Extended Licence images, your right to use the image is typically restricted, with limitations placed on things such as:
  • - Personal or commercial use
  • - The type(s) of media where the image can be used i.e. online, magazines, adverts, newspapers etc
  • - Duration of use
  • - Geographic region


Copyright is a form of protection provided by the law to the authors of "original works of authorship.” By virtue of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, works are protected in all 160 countries that are party to the Convention, as well as various other laws such as the US copyright act.
This applies to all images, from the time it is created, a photo or other image is automatically protected by copyright. Images on this website are copyrighted by the photographer who took the photo, even if you purchase an image, the copyright still remains with the photographer.

Copyright Infringement

Infringement can include a violation of the rights of the creator or rights holder. Examples of imagery infringement may include:
  • - Use of whole or part of an image without permission
  • - Use beyond the scope of a license or permission
  • - Adapting an image without permission (art rendering)
  • - Asking another photographer to identically recreate the image

More information about image rights from:


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